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Chicoral School of Music

Prácticas artísticas, culturales y deportivas
Valledel Cauca - La Cumbre

What does Musicoral do?

The Music School of Chicoral, takes volunteer professors each Saturday from Cali to the municipality of La Cumbre to work with children and youth in rural areas. This program has an emphasis in Andean Colombian music; the participants receive workshops for the protection of the environment, lessons in treble, guitar, bandola, wind, minor percussion, vocal technique, musical  rammatic and appreciation. They also receive psychological therapy and training to handle difficulties in learning, academic support, self-esteem reinforcement and a life project coaching.

The parents of students take part in the “school of parents” which is an extension program which looks to draw parents nearer to socialize family experiences and learn from difficulties and strengths which are presented.

What is the impact of Musicoral?

Chicoral Music School wants to positively impact the life of children and youth in rural areas of the region using music as a strategy. Helping to improve as an individual, we also change the environment and the world; in our case, through music we help discover talents and abilities which were previously unknown, aiding in self-esteem, social abilities and performance as human beings.

How has RECON supported Musicoral?

With promotion on social media and on the RECON Platform.