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Antioquia - Medellín

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

CASAI is a healthy and different option to feed, through products free of chemical processes, without preservatives, or dyes, without gluten, sodium or refined sugars. We offer a truly healthy alternative in the market where more than 2.8 million people die due to obesity or overweight worldwide, with an environmental sustainability perspective from our processes and packaging and a direct relationship policy with food producers , avoiding to the maximum the chain of intermediation to transmit equity to the farmers of our region.

Our products are made by people who were active or passive part of the armed conflict in Colombia, who today are looking for a second chance in the post-conflict and who find in CASAI an incentive to contribute to the economy of the country.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

Colombia is a country dependent on commodities, 60% of our exports are hydrocarbons and the remaining 40%, agricultural products are exported without added value; We have products with high international recognition such as our coffee, cocoa and yam, and we can have products with high positioning and added value.

At the same time, at least 2.8 million people die each year due to obesity or overweight. In 2016, 41 million children under the age of five were overweight or obese. Overweight and obesity can be prevented, the simplest option is in terms of food and periodic physical activity.

And the armed conflict has left approximately 262,000 victims, where on September 26, 2016, peace is signed in Colombia.

Motivators that have inspired us to create a healthy food company, with Colombian products that are made with people from the armed conflict in Colombia where the purchase of supplies avoids the chain of intermediaries.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

It contributes to reconciliation, to the employment of people seeking a second chance from the Colombian conflict, fair trade, the purchase of agricultural supplies is made directly to the farmers, taking care of the environment with our recycled material packaging. Better nutrition and disease prevention due to poor diet.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

Being able to scale it internationally, inspire new ventures to reach the market with a 360 view of the problems of the region and the locality, help and contribute to the Colombian post-conflict and generate value for Colombian products, transmitting economic equity to our farmers.