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C.E.O Fuerza Digital S.A.S Project

Boyacá - Tunja

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

In Colombia there is a significant gap between urban education and rural education, the latter being the one that shows the lowest performance due to its problems related to the low quality and efficiency of the education system generated on many occasions due to lack of economic and technological resources to They have no access.

Taking into account this situation Fuerza Digital S.A.S assembled a device that integrates the functionalities of a server and a router to bring quality educational content to these schools, through this device the little ones can access the contents through the Wi-Fi network.

Thanks to this solution, the children of the rural schools strengthen their educational process, having access to content such as encyclopedias, videos, content developed by the Ministry of Education, training of the pro-knowledge tests among others, shortening said gaps and creating a future full of opportunities that will be reflected in the progress of your family and community.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

We are a proudly buoyant company convinced that education is the most important transformative tool that will change the reality of less favored communities.

It is through education that our children will achieve their dreams, bringing progress, opportunities and peace to the rural areas of the country.

Children are the present and the future of our society and for us it is gratifying to be able to make a contribution in their educational process, bringing them closer to technology.

We are certain that through the education of these rural schools the leaders of the future will emerge and we will have a better world.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

Since 2016 we have visited approximately 250 rural schools in the department of Boyacá, bringing quality educational content, thanks to this project we have been able to bridge the gaps between urban and rural education highlighting the importance of inclusion, equity and peace.

To date we have reached around 450 teachers and 6,000 students in 65 municipalities, revolutionizing their educational process. In recognition of this work, we have received the Chibchacum award for young entrepreneur 2017, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Tunja.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

Our dream is to reach all the rural communities of the country, becoming a transforming agent of rural education in Colombia. We want to continue bringing quality educational content and technology to schools always with the message that through education with discipline and commitment dreams come true.

With the implementation of C.E.O in the classroom we want to encourage the inclusive and quality educational process for all children in Colombia.