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Fulana del Páramo

Cundinamarca - Carmen del Carupa

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

We are dedicated to the production and marketing of barley ice cream in order to generate 3 main benefits in different agents.The first benefit is related to claiming the work of farmers who produce barley, since in the last decades this cereal has lost momentum in the market; resulting in losses for producers and in the country’s culture that reduces local consumption. The second benefit is to give people an option of an ice cream that contributes to their health due to the nutritional properties of barley, as it contains antioxidants and vitamins. And the third benefit, linked to the proposal of packaging and production chains that take care of the environment. We gather these benefits to contribute to the social, environmental and economic sustainability of our country (Colombia).

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

We conducted a thorough investigation from various fronts that allowed us to identify problems in the Colombian countryside such as: the absence of high-impact projects and investment programs in the field, as well as the lack of competitiveness and internal demand for Colombian agricultural products such as barley. This happens due to the different political and legislative processes that have brought free trade agreements and economic opening projects that have mistreated the economic models generated by our small farmers who face a drama by not having the necessary resources to compete in the market. Likewise, we identify food problems in the Colombian diet, such as the loss of traditional nutritional products in our culture and the health problems that occur most frequently in the population such as heart problems, tension and sugar regulation. It will only innovate in the concept of enjoying healthy ice cream, but it transcends beyond the production systems and focuses on the relationships between the supplier, the producer and the consumer.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

The conception of Fulana del Páramo Ice Cream solves the aforementioned problems around the following pillars:

1. Knowledge and innovation: Thanks to design methodologies and work with other faculties, Fulana del Páramo conceives an original barley-based ice cream, prepared with local ingredients and that removes materials that are unfriendly with the environment. The production process responds in a sustainable manner by projecting the social inclusion of barley producers in the municipality of Carupa.

2. Social responsibility: Despite having a high capacity of hectares of productive land in Colombia, we import about 12 million tons of food per year. Fulana del Páramo is a responsible project, the idea is not only to conceive an original and healthy ice cream, it also raises the social inclusion of Carupa farmers, who were motivated by the government to plant barley and did not buy it; They would be our direct suppliers.

3. Healthy diet: we conceive a healthy ice cream for all, in its preparation we use organic ingredients, we do not use sugar, its essential ingredient is barley that has a high vitamin content, antioxidants and trace elements such as: iron, copper, zinc, (usually Colombians are deficient) and stabilizes blood sugar.

4. Sustainability: its packaging and display respect the environment. Well, there is a food where the packaging is made with 100% biodegradable materials in 90 days such as: Polyboard cardboard cups, ice cream shovels made with solid wood from birch forests with FSC certification, and using eco-covers of biopolymers; reducing traditional packaging with non-renewable materials.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

We seek to cross the barriers presented on two fronts: Detriment in the cultivation of barley in Colombia and health care of the Colombian population, proposing a solution through a product that through design will not only innovate in the concept of enjoying an ice cream healthy, but will transcend beyond the production systems and focus on the relationships between the supplier, the producer and the consumer to generate connections that result in a vindication of peasant labor in Colombia and Latin America.

These relationships are strengthened and represent Innovation through the opening of a market never before explored for barley: Ice cream, which in addition to being a constantly growing market, allows us to highlight the nutritional properties of barley, which are lost in the beer production, obtaining in this way, a product that contributes to the health care of the Colombian population by regulating sugar and cholesterol.

Fulana del Páramo conceives an ice cream based on barley, prepared with local ingredients, we want to promote the social inclusion of barley producers in the municipality of Carmen de Carupa in Cundinamarca and offer a healthy option for Colombians in the market.