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Full Productions Audiovisual School

Cultura de paz y derechos humanos

What does the Full Productions Audiovisual School do?

The audiovisual school is a project of the Full Producciones Corporation in comuna 13 of the city of Medellín, which promotes training in audiovisuals and community cinema, via a learning model of popular education. We seek to generate analysis in children which allows for understanding, interpretation and transformation of the environment through construction of audiovisual storytelling, overcoming and preventing violence in the territory and propitiating the construction of a life project and citizen competencies amongst the participants.

What impact does the Full Productions Audiovisual School generate?

Currently 20 boys and girls go to the school, aged between 7 and 12. Ten youth are aged between 13 and 20. As well as generating 4 direct jobs and 6 indirect ones, it gives opportunities of development in a marginal and vulnerable community such as Comuna 13 of Medellín.

How has RECON supported the Full Producciones Audiovisual School?

The project was the winner of the RECON 2016 contest in the Technology and Communications category, and received a seed capital of $5.000.000. It was also promoted on the RECON platform.