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Solar Desalinization

Medio ambiente
Nariño - Tumaco

What is solar desalinization?

Solar desalinization is a solution to the problems of drinking water supply in Tumaco, Nariño and other coastal zones, using the water of the sea and solar energy. To this aim a distillatory was created with cheap materials in the area such as: wood, polyethylene, glass, tubing, amongst other tools. Sea water is picked up and passed to the distillatory so that via sunlight it condenses water and separates it from salt, distilling drinking water.

How does this Project create an impact?

The results obtained have demonstrated that the system works, obtaining in average 4.5 liters per square meter, depending on climate behavior. The laboratory of Universidad Mariana, analyzed the water obtained giving good results regarding quality. This is an initiative with a lot of potential to become the solution that vulnerable communities need to access drinking water in coastal areas.

How has RECON supported this project?

Thanks to the support of the Human Rights Program of the Agency of the United States for International Development USAID, it has taken part in two training programs: The first was in Value Transformation with the Dalai Lama Center of MIT, the second for the strengthening of the social business model, training which was in charge of Impact Hub, Athena and RECON.

They have also been promoted in the RECON platform.