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Medio ambiente
Valle del Cauca - Buenaventura

What does Ecopazífico do?

The beaches of the Colombian Pacific are invaded by plastics. This being one of the remaining richest ecosystems in the planet, Ecopazífico wants to put in practice a recycling system which is working together with communities through an educational program in permaculture focused in cleaning beaches and not using disposable plastics in the area.

This recycling system consists of mounting a small recycling factory with machinery to transform plastics at a low scale. This system is integrated with an environment route which unites 3 communities (La Barra, Juanchaco, Ladrilleros) made of 30 structures with a roof, stool, educational and informative sign and recycling cans. This path will also be a tourist attraction which will directly benefit the communities. The plastic will be turned into different useful objects and with a sales potential for communities participating in the project (posts, tiles, roofing, wood, souvenirs and others).

What impact does Ecopazífico generate?

They generate an environmental consciousness on the use of plastics to protect the environment. They create opportunities of development via the transformation of plastic giving the community alternatives of commercialization of products made from recycled material.

How has RECON supported Ecopazifico?

They took part in the training program for the strengthening of the social business model which was in charge of Impact Hub, Athena and RECON and took place in Cali. With promotion on social media and on the RECON Platform.