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Social ventures receive improvement plans

27 September, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

Within the framework of the Emerging Market Initiatives Program -EMI- of the Externado de Colombia University, six RECON social entrepreneurship projects received an improvement plan to strengthen their business models and achieve long-term sustainability.

This process was given by an alliance between RECON and the EMI Program so that local and foreign exchange students from the School of Management of the Externado University will make a diagnosis of the business model of the social enterprises and as a result they will present an improvement plan with strategies and recommendations so that in the long term they are sustainable.

The beneficiary projects were: National Drinking Water Savings Plan; KitSmile; Girls Without Fear; Weaving a Country; Recyapp and Cunas con Amor. Projects that from different fronts have the purpose of building a better country and working for vulnerable communities.

In addition, the leaders of each of the six projects participated in four EMI Workshops on: innovation, community work and circular economy. At the end of this Program, the University received the participation certificate.

José Mosquera, director of the EMI program of the Externado University, indicated that this is an applied consultancy program that links foreign students from different business schools in the world with local students, who with a professor and a senior consultant, work with a local company, in this case six RECON entrepreneurs, and through a consultancy process a diagnosis is drawn up that ends with a proposal that has to be applied and be viable.

Andrés Santamaría, director of RECON, said that this partnership with the Emi Program of the Externado University is an opportunity for strengthening social entrepreneurship projects with proposals presented to each one as a tool to improve their business model and achieve sustainability.

“Our social entrepreneurs need training processes and academic support, because many do their work empirically and participating in this type of program generates methodologies and tools to strengthen them.” Santamaria assured.

RECON and the EMI Program will monitor the implementation of improvement plans for social enterprises. In this way the first strengthening cycle is closed and it is expected to continue with more projects.