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Ventures that generate employment and development

1 April, 2018 - Autor: Recon

Learn about the three finalist initiatives in the Entrepreneurship and Employment Generation category and you will discover what social entrepreneurs are doing to create job opportunities based on productive projects that seek to impact their communities to transform realities that make it possible to build a different future.

During the voting process, a total of 29,970 votes were registered from the Colombians who supported the 10 initiatives that sought to be finalists; at the end of the process the three most voted were:

  • Cunas con amor from Bogotá DC (9,168 votes)
  • Enterprising indigenous communities for the peace of Mocoa, Putumayo (7,469 votes)
  • Frutichar SAS from El Charco, Nariño, (4,409 votes)

Now these three initiatives hope to be winners, and on March 21 at a grand recognition ceremony the winner will be known according to the decision taken by the jury based on the criteria of social impact, creativity, innovation and participation.

We invite you to know each one of the initiatives:

Cradles with love

We designed cardboard cradles based on a Finnish tradition with more than 80 years of validation where, through research and our strategic allies, we were able to take out our program of cribs in corrugated cardboard according to the needs of the Colombian population.

Indigenous communities for peace

The last avalanche of March 31, 2017 left a grave affectation, with hundreds of people dead and missing in Mocoa-Putumayo. In our humanitarian aid campaign of more than 50 days, we met the Indigenous Community of San Antonio and Yungillo, to whom we took many aids and before leaving they asked us not to abandon them, since many members of their community had lost everything, for this reason and regardless of the distance and difficulties of access to the community, we decided to stay with them, helping them in its economic reconstruction, thus creating the project “Indigenous Communities and Enterprising Families for Peace”.

Frutichar SAS

It is a company for purchase, transformation and marketing of exotic fruits from farmer suppliers in the area, which produces pulp and other fruit products in order to create new opportunities for rural and industrial employment in an area where the armed conflict and illicit crops have been occurring for decades. In addition, Frutichar wants to -through the consumption of these products- contribute to regional food sovereignty and reduce malnutrition rates in the area.