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The mist trap that generates drinking water

27 March, 2018 - Autor: Recon

The lack of a water supply or sometimes the extreme drought affects the population and the agricultural economy since crops do not prosper. NEBULÓN is in charge of installing technological and modular three-dimensional traps, with easy installation in optimal locations, where fog can be captured and water obtained later, improving the quality of life of the population affected by water shortages.

Nebulón provides the services of trapped water supply systems, with environmental, social and business responsibility, guaranteeing well-being to the rural community, while generating economic productivity ties with the sector.

Jonny Umaña, a 21-year-old social entrepreneur and an eighth-semester civil engineering student, has always been interested in the care and preservation of the environment. He has always questioned how to collaborate, how to live in a more sustainable world and how to contribute this knowledge to the resolution of these conflicts. This hero managed to retain water from the mist and thus give a solution to one of many problems: collect water that is safe for the use of people living in remote areas, but who only have fog.

Jonny says that “we conducted the preliminary studies to have knowledge of the areas where it is feasible to install these systems and thus meet the needs of populations that do not have water service.”

For some years I have been working with Nebulón and with the farming sector in the departments of Cundinamarca, Boyacá and Santander. Nebulón has had the opportunity to represent Colombia in entrepreneurship workshops in Latin America; analyzing from several contexts it has been possible to understand the problems that the inhabitants of the rural sector have, that is why through this innovative initiative concrete solutions can be given to the problems of water supply for families in the rural sector, generating ties of agricultural productivity, benefiting the farming sector and the economic growth of the country.

“It is time to implement with responsibility and firmness a different alternative to the current one to obtain water in a safe way, preserving the moorlands and water sources that still exist”.

Nebulón was recognized as the best initiative of social entrepreneurship in the country in the category of Environment in the RECON call, an achievement that serves as an impulse to consolidate this innovative and above all useful initiative for society which is friendly to the environment.

The Creator of the Nebulon

Jonny, in addition to creating this creative initiative, also loves entrepreneurship and having time available to collaborate with social issues.

In his free time he likes to travel around Colombia; he says that it is the best way to know all the social problems of the country and to contribute to their resolution. As an extra hobby, he likes football; he goes to the stadium and accompanies his team. He loves music. He

lives with mom and dad and also has an older sister with whom he has a good relationship. His grandparents live in Santander and every time he can he travels to visit them. His grandparents live in a beautiful municipality called La Belleza in the department of Santander, where Jonny also installed one of his Nebulon systems and thus has extended his mechanism that contributes to saving water and providing this vital liquid.

He considers that social entrepreneurship is booming and it is a moment that should be taken advantage of. It seems important to encourage young people to build, propose and discern about social issues. He believes that the responsibility for a better future is in our hands.