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Executive Director of RECON, Andrés Santamaría met with important actors of the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Medellín.

29 July, 2019 - Autor: Recon Colombia

Last Friday, July 26, Andrés Santamaría, Executive Director of RECON met with important actors of the Medellin entrepreneurship ecosystem, to talk about the RECON 2019 Call and the First SUMMIT of Social Entrepreneurship that we will carry out on November 6 in This city is supported by RUTA N.

The call to this meeting was held with the management and collaboration of Rocío Arango, Program Development Professional of RUTA N through the area of ​​social entrepreneurship.

Medellín will be the home of SUMMIT, given that the paisa entrepreneurship ecosystem is the most consolidated in the country, which will allow sharing experiences and good practices among social entrepreneurs. SUMMIT has the support of Sweden, the United Nations Development Program – UNDP – and Casa Editorial el Tiempo, will focus on the visibility of inspiring stories of Colombians who are working to create opportunities to boost economic development and sustainable social. The Summit will also include discussion panels, networking spaces, workshops and thematic tables on social innovation, technology, circular economy, among others.

The meeting was held in Multiple Room 3, on the first floor, of Route N, located at Calle 67 N ° 52-29 Tower A and was assisted by Rocío Arango, Program Development Professional at RUTA N, María Alvarado, representative of SOFASA – Renault; José Velásquez, of Incolmotos Yamaha; Mábel Jannet Sánchez Henao, of the Grupo Familia Foundation; Claudia Elena Gómez, of the EPM Foundation; Carlos Mejía, from the Urrea Arbeláez Corporation; Anamaría Fernández, of the HACEB Foundation; Federico Restrepo, of Impact Hub Medellín; Catalina Escobar, from Makaia; Camilo Ruiz, from Corpoemprende; Daniela Tabares, from the Medellin City Hall – Young Volunteer Coordinator and Fernanda Echeverry, from Sistema B .

We thank RUTA N and all the participants in this meeting, who showed their interest in the realization of this first SUMMIT. From RECON we hope to count on your collaboration and join forces in favor of social enterprises in Colombia.