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Announcement History for social entrepreneurs

27 September, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

AN IDEA TO CHANGE HISTORY is an initiative oriented to highlight the extraordinary creative and transforming capacity of the human being.

The proposal is to look for those ideas that could positively influence our communities and whose social impact can benefit current and future generations.

In order to participate in this initiative, it is necessary that you go to  hhhhhhhhh to know the dynamics of participation and each of the stages of the contest.

To participate, six categories have been established: Renewable Energy, Food, Community, Health, Applied Technologies and Mobile Application (App). Participants who register in the latter category will be participating for a special prize of ten thousand dollars (US $ 10,000).

The contest consists of five stages:

  • Inscription
  • Choice of semifinalists
  • Public Voting
  • Selection of winners
  • Announcement of winners and awards

The contest will award five prizes totaling 140,000 USD:

  • USD 60,000 to first place
  • USD 40,000 to second place
  • USD 20,000 to third place
  • 10,000 USD to fourth place
  • 10,000 USD to a special winner in the APP category

Terms of the Contest