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2017-18 CONTEST

In 2017 we held the third version of the RECON contest. We invited the social entrepreneurs of Colombia, who had a proposal which created opportunities, transformed realities and generated and impact in the development of vulnerable communities. This so that they could present their own initiatives, with the aim of identifying those invisible heroes who work towards building a different future and recognizing them with seed capital, training processes and promotion.

We had more than 1800 proposals, in which social entrepreneurs demonstrated their creativity and innovation when solving problems in their community. The contest was opened on October 1 of 2017 and closed on 31 January of 2018; 881 proposals were approved which fulfilled the participation requirements, and of these 60 were preselected, 10 per category, which took part during two weeks in a public voting process which allowed to choose the three proposals with the biggest voting per category, for a total of 18 finalists. Afterwards the finalists were analyzed by a qualifying jury, integrated by allies of RECON, who defined the six winning proposals.

Winners of Contest

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Other contests

Know the different versions of the RECON contest which promotes and recognizes the work of social entrepreneurs who are transforming social realities in Colombia


Casabe al arte

From Montería, Córdoba, they create works of art with cassava starch which usually is
thrown away, and thus reuse this refuse and give the possibility to students of working with cheap materials.

Get up and go Colombia

From Popayán Cauca, it promotes tourism in regions affected by armed conflict through activities and projects with bilingual university youth, youth victims of armed conflict, youth belonging to the LGBTI community and former combatants of armed groups.

La Fontaine School

From Cali, Valle del Cauca it closes the inequality of knowledge and opportunities with a proposal for education with an emphasis in bilingualism, with personalized classes, pedagogical outings, use of technology and all the characteristics of a low-cost high-quality school.

Frutichar S.A.S

From El Charco Nariño, it is a company which buys, transforms and commercializes
exotic fruit from suppliers in the area, producing pulp and other fruit products with the aim of creating new opportunities for rural and industrial employment in an area where armed conflict and illicit crops have taken hold during decades.


From Bogotá, it is a mist-catching system which is tridimensional, technological and
modular for easy installation in optimal places where mist can be captured and then
turned into water, improving the quality of life of the population affected by hydric


From Bogotá, they design the first home rehabilitation kit for children with cerebral palsy with an invention patent, thus making it unique in the world; they take these kits to rural areas in Colombia creating an opportunity for rehabilitation in families.


Through contests, RECON identifies initiatives of social entrepreneurship which create opportunities and transform realities in Colombia; the best are recognized with seed capital and processes of strengthening.

2015 Contest

First RECON contest to identify initiatives of peace construction in Colombia.

2016 Contest

Second RECON contest to identify proposals of peace building which generate social

2017-18 Contest

Third RECON contest to identify social entrepreneurship initiatives which promote
development and peace building.