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For the second time, RECON held a contest to identify initiatives of peace building which promote the development of the country. In this version they managed to identify more than 400 initiatives: 7 proposals of Student Representatives, 24 of Technology and Communication, 32 of Environment, 54 of Entrepreneurship and Generation of Employment, 88 of Education, 162 of Cultural, Artistic and Sports Practices and 42 others.

The contest was opened on October 16 of 2016 and closed on 31 January of 2016; 400 proposals were approved which fulfilled the participation requirements, of these 25 were preselected, 5 per category, which took part during two weeks in a public voting process which allowed to choose the three proposals with the biggest voting per category, for a total of 15 finalists; afterwards the finalists were analyzed by a qualifying jury, integrated by allies of RECON, who defined the winning proposals, which received seed capital for the execution of their initiative.

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From Cali, Valle del Cauca. Designed and implemented a system of automatized
irrigation which allows for the integration of rain water, subterranean water and solar
energy. One of the objectives of this project is integrating new technology to allow for the generation of a consciousness about what is important: the preservation of water and profiting from other sources of energy, which allow for the guaranteeing of a sustainable and inclusive society.


La Escuela Audiovisual es un proyecto de la Corporación Full Producciones de la comuna 13 de la ciudad de Medellín en Antioquia promueve la formación en audiovisuales y cine comunitario a partir de un modelo pedagógico de educación popular. Busca generar reflexiones en los jóvenes que permitan entender, interpretar y transformar su entorno a través de la construcción de relatos audiovisuales, superando y previniendo las violencias del territorio y propiciando la construcción de proyecto de vida y competencias ciudadanas entre los participantes.


Comproagro, from Toca, Boyacá, eliminates intermediaries in the process of buying and selling agricultural produce, improving the quality of life of farmers in their community, giving added value to the product and generating employment in single mothers. For the commercialization of products they have an app which permits for the elimination of intermediaries, improving the quality of life of farmers.


for a child audience, which serves as a tool for the construction of peace, through
agreeable contents which promote the prevention of child recruitment by armed groups, through fantastical stories, with which boys and girls in Colombia, may easily learn to recognize their rights and may demand them when they feel that they have been stepped on. “We believe that tools from our understanding can contribute to the creation of the country.”


La Calle es Nuestra, from Cali, Valle del Cauca is a symbolic appropriation of the urban space through diverse cultural, artistic and recreational manifestations which allows us to create fraternal ties of help and commitment between children and their community. It is not an arbitrary strategy; it is a consensus which we make in a pedagogical way with neighborhood people, who create an alternative space of learning and coexistence.


From Soacha, Cundinamarca, it works towards empowering girls and teenagers of
vulnerable communities to promote the protection and guarantee of women’s rights.
Niñas Sin Miedo employs a bicycle as an element of empowerment, through the
personal experience of its founder, Natalia Espitia. It received a special mention by
RECON for involving in its work the component of gender.


2015 Contest

First RECON contest to identify initiatives of peace construction in Colombia.

2016 Contest

Second RECON contest to identify proposals of peace building which generate social

2017-18 Contest

Third RECON contest to identify social entrepreneurship initiatives which promote
development and peace building.