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    How and why do we do it?

    We identify the initiatives via our web page, and through a crowdfunding platform, we make contests and a process of visibilization, support and strengthening of the projects of social entrepreneurship to make them sustainable.

    We do this because we believe in the possibility to build a different future through social entrepreneurship. In Colombia there exist countless social entrepreneurships which are providing solutions to social problems through innovation and creativity in all regions, generating opportunities and transforming realities which impact the development of vulnerable communities.

    Many social entrepreneurs in Colombia have weaknesses, so RECON works towards making them sustainable and profitable, making social entrepreneurship an engine driving economic and social growth in the country.

    Recon is the first organization in Colombia, which has looked to including the topic of social entrepreneurship in the national public agenda, looking to achieve public policy and norms favourable to social entrepreneurship in Colombia.

    Principles and values of the organization

    From its foundation, RECON Colombia has aimed to generate a positive impact long-term with its activities and programs. The organization has not only recognized its responsibility with social entrepreneurs participating in its mission activities, but have also given special attention to its commitments with the team which supports its operation (its most valuable asset) and with the allies and partners which allow for territorial display of its labor. With the purpose of achieving all processes developed within RECON Colombia and that they be supported

    by a realistic focus based in honesty, respect, equity and integrity, RECON has established a set of principles and values which look to promote the implementation of logics of transparency, responsibility, participation
    and non-discrimination. The principles and values in the organization are grouped in three big categories: 1) principles and values which facilitate acting with integrity, 2) principles and values which guarantee the respect
    and protection of rights, 3) principles and values which allow for social and environmental sustainability of actions developed by RECON.

    Actions with integrity

    The relation of RECON Colombia with its beneficiaries and partners is characterized by honesty, respect, equity and integrity. RECON Colombia fulfills the laws and rulings established by the Colombian legislator for
    the development of its activities, and does not accept of its employees, beneficiaries and partners (existing and potential) activities, and the generation of rewards or benefits, which go against laws or the ethical framework of the organization.

    RECON applies a policy of zero tolerance with corruption. The organization bases its work in honesty, mutual responsibility and maximum access to information. Trust, integrity and honesty are crucial for RECON, so the
    institution focuses on the creation of preventive activities and of identification of fraud and corruption in all its processes. Likewise, RECON promotes environments of mutual collaboration and respect of common interests with its beneficiaries, allies and partners. The decisions taken in all levels of the organization are based always on benefitting RECON and the group of entrepreneurs and avoid the appearance and influence of conflicts of interests.

    RECON looks for independence and institutional autonomy regarding any government instance, intergovernmental, private sector or any other foreign entity. The organization, and developed processes in its interior, conserve a perspective of political neutrality regarding political parties and candidates, so the name of the organization and its actives are not used under any circumstance to promote or discredit particular political interests. In this same line, RECON maintains a high level of religious neutrality. The organization does not promote, sponsor or defends positions of any particular religious group, and observes with neutrality all opinions.

    Protection of rights

    The work of RECON applies a territorial, ethnic and gender focus, which allows to integrate the DNA of the organization with a perspective of guarantee and protection of rights. Since its foundation, RECON has
    recognized the importance of deploying processes which encourage an inclusive and non-discriminatory participation, both in dynamics of internal work, as in activities developed with entrepreneurships linked to
    the organization.

    RECON encourages work environments always based on principles of non-discrimination regarding gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexuality,
    nationality, ethnical origin or political and union affiliation. The organization makes the effort to create environment of work which is healthy and allows its team to perform under the best conditions. No form
    of harassment is tolerated within the organization (norwith the entrepreneurships integrated to processes of strengthening) which includes (but is not limited to) any form of discrimination or sexual harassment,
    racism and other forms of intimidation, as well as acts or threats of violence.

    The organization has made a priority of the implementation of processes of equality. RECON promotes and guarantees the equal participation of women, ethnic population and communities in vulnerable zones in Colombia. The principle of equity (mainly genre) is reflected both in processes of contracting within the entity as in selection and linking of social entrepreneurships for exercises of strengthening and support. RECON includes in its exercises of measurement of impact an analysis on
    the contribution of social entrepreneurships to be reached in conditions of equality for the women, via the application of gender markers, looking to expand a culture of equity to the initiatives of entrepreneurship and social innovation developed in the territories.

    No form of compulsory work is admitted by RECON Colombia. Entrepreneurships and allies linked to organization do not have any relation with schemes of compulsory or child work. RECON promotes the
    use of fair labor practices.

    Focus on sustainability

    From RECON we work in the efficient use of available resources in the organization. RECON promotes the care of its assets incorporating logics of appropriate use of assets, funds and protection of intellectual

    RECON supports processes of empowerment in beneficiary communities of its intervention, looking to strengthen and leave a capacity installed to exercise its rights. This principle comes from the nature itself of social entrepreneurship, understood as the effort of people and organizations which look to solve social and environmental problems of its own environment.

    The organization incorporates principles of action without harm. RECON does not support projects of entrepreneurship and social innovation which
    negatively impact in environmentally sensitive zones, including legally protected areas. Likewise, RECON rejects any project which promotes changes in the use of the soil and resources which could result in an
    adverse affectation of habitats, ecosystems and/or means of sustenance of communities.

    Considering the importance of promoting respect for the environment, RECON Colombia implements measures of prevention against contamination. All dialogues, forums and national and territorial encounters developed by the organization incorporate schemes of residue disposal towards avoiding contamination by plastic waste.

    Organizational Structure


    In compliance with the requirements of Law 1474 of 2011, and internal transparency policies determined from the general assembly and the board of directors of RECON, the entity has adopted a series of mechanisms for
    prevention, control and monitoring of acts of corruption within and outside the organization that may affect the fulfillment of its mission objectives under principles of transparency. In addition to the internal control exercises developed within the organization, in order to facilitate the prevention, detection and management of possible acts of corruption, RECON has a matrix or basic mapping of corruption risks (which allows the
    entity to identify, analyze and control possible corruption generating events).

    The Risk Management Policy refers to the purpose of the Management of risk management. This policy is aligned with the strategic planning of RECON, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the actions proposed against the corruption risks identified. Within the institutional and risk management policy map of the entity, the risks of corruption have been contemplated, from which the controls established for them are monitored.

    Similarly, based on the principle of zero tolerance for corruption established within the organization, RECON has mechanisms aimed at effectively communicating the culture of internal control and risk management, promoting principles of self-control, understood as the capacity of all People in the organization consider control and anti-corruption philosophy as an inherent part of their responsibilities and control decisions. The organization has measures for the prevention and control of money laundering, for which it considers in the establishment of alliances and granting of support the Risk Management System for Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing –SARLAF-.

    Functional Organization Chart