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Caribbean Region provides 11,7% in social entrepreneurships
6 December, 2018

Forum promotes visibility in these organizations. Entrepreneurs ask for the support of the State for their projects. One […]

Antioquia, the second region with the most social entrepreneurships
4 December, 2018

Social needs such as health, education, care of the environment, amongst others, are becoming a priority for entrepreneurs. […]

Panorama of social entrepreneurship
11 October, 2018

RECON, a non-profit organization that seeks to identify, support and strengthen social ventures in Colombia, surveyed 500 social […]

Radiography of social entrepreneurship in Colombia
27 September, 2018

Social entrepreneurship is gaining strength throughout the country. In fact, the RECON organization – created to promote it […]

Yes, the time has come / Opinion column
27 September, 2018

Social entrepreneurship has exploded on the world stage, with a tendency to focus more on the purpose of […]

RECON y la UAO lanzaron nuevo prototipo de Nebulón
27 September, 2018


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