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The man who invents toys with disabilities
17 October, 2018

Felipe Betancur calls himself the MacGyver of inclusion. He is a young man who together with his family […]

H2O y Vida a product that saves water!
27 September, 2018

Vía: Noticias Caracol Periodista: Mónica Rincón

Tierra Grata installs ecological sanitation
3 August, 2018

In 2015, the Tierra Grata Foundation emerged      in Cartagena and since then its members have been dedicated to […]

La Paz FC promotes reconciliation in Colombia
8 July, 2018

With less than a year of existence, the Club Deportivo La Paz FC, is considered by football connoisseurs […]

The invention for children with cerebral palsy
26 June, 2018

Vía: Noticias Caracol By: Mónica Rincón

Tierra Grata installs ecological baths and showers
6 June, 2018

Noticias Caracol See HERE Journalist: Mónica Rincón


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