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“La familia es uno de los espacios más peligrosos para las niñas”: Natalia Espitía
15 January, 2019

The founder of Niñas Sin Miedo talks about how her social organization seeks to empower girls in Colombia […]

Looking for equality with cardboard cradles
30 November, 2018

Who is Camila Cooper? Camila is 32 years old, she is a wife, she is a mom, she […]

Promoting innovation through chocolate
21 November, 2018

Pedro Meza leads Chocolates Montes de María, a project that seeks to awaken creativity and social reconciliation among […]

“You inspire people by example”: Jonnatan López
14 November, 2018

This social leader is the head of the program “Indigenous Communities and Enterprising Families for Peace”, which seeks […]

Is it possible to get drinking water with mist?
7 November, 2018

Jonny Umaña is 22 years old and developed a system with mesh, three poles and three channels to […]

Taking English to Siloé
6 November, 2018

Lilibeydy Manrique and her brother, Adarley, created a school for children that seeks to provide quality education at […]


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