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House of Dreams, home of vulnerable children

30 April, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

A year ago, one of the most important social projects in Pereira was born, through which hundreds of street children, victims of sexual exploitation, with problems of illicit drug use, among other problems, have found refuge. It is the House of Dreams.

This initiative, which is part of the Malabareando las Calles program, is the dream of Jimy Abello, a pedagogue who has managed to reach the hearts of many adolescent boys and girls and has managed to help many of them through hard work.

The House of Dreams is a strategy that has caught the attention of many people and many institutions. Entities such as the Personería de Pereira, the Government of Risaralda, different foundations, have contributed, so that this project grows every day.

One of the people who has put their talent and time at the disposal of children and adolescents, is the musician César López; recognized in the country for being the creator of Escopetarra.


 In an interview with El Diario, Lopez said that “a few years ago I met Jimy Abello and his work with the boys and girls who are on the streets, who are sexually exploited and who have other social problems. Today, one year after starting with Casa de los Sueños, we can say that hundreds of them have found a home where they can dream, learn and have fun.”

César has been linked to the project since its creation. He was one of the first to donate elements and on multiple occasions he has gone to the site to bring a voice of encouragement to all the teenagers of the place through music.

This Colombian artist is in love with Pereira and that is why he has come to the municipality on several occasions. “It’s a city with which I have a relationship of affection and where I’ve been weaving projects and sensitivities that have to do with everything that happens to the place in terms of social issues.”

The strategy of the House of Dreams is already recognized nationally; it was one of the finalists in the RECON contest that rewards social initiatives.

 López says that in many cities there is a need to have Casas de los Sueños, so in future he would like there to be several of these places in the country and also more of these spaces in Pereira.

Via: El Diario