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Jonathan Franco social entrepreneur of the week

25 June, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

National Plan of Saving of Drinking Water, is an initiative that seeks to contribute to the care of the environment, through the preservation and protection of water, implementing a regulatory system of water pressure in homes to reduce consumption and waste, generating economic and environmental savings.

They participated in the RECON call in the Environment category. Its creator, Jonathan Franco, is our social entrepreneur of the week and told us about his project.

RECON: Who is Jonathan Franco?

Jonathan Franco: I am a social entrepreneur, musician and lover of taking care of the environment, I am convinced that small actions achieve great changes. I think that by working together, with those around us, we can build a better country for everyone.

REC: What is the National Drinking Water Saving Project and how is it born?

JF: It is a project that seeks for Colombia to be recognized worldwide for saving drinking water, which is why we founded H2O y Vida, a company committed to preserving water.

It was born as a result of a question; why pay for something that we do not consume but that we waste? We realized that as users we wasted a lot of drinking water and one of the  causes was the high pressure of the flow that reaches our homes. Then we started working together with my father, Darío Franco, on a design of a device that would allow us to save drinking water. We managed to create and patent a device that regulates water pressure. This project was born 9 years ago, but in January of this year we managed to go out to the public as a product.

REC: What is the device you created?

JF: It is a pressure regulator, which has laboratory studies that certify 70% of effective savings, we designed it to install in three main points of the homes that are sinks, dishwashers and showers.

One of the advantages it has is its easy installation, it is a process that does not take more than 10 minutes, besides it does not compromise the physical part, nor the structure of the house, nor of the tap, controlling the flow of water, leaving only the necessary passage of the liquid.

REC: What was the cost of the device?

JF: Each one costs $ 18,000 COP, including installation. It is important to bear in mind that the investment made by the user is recovered in the second billing cycle, saving a high percentage of money and cubic meters of water per year.

REC: Where has it been installed and what results have been obtained?

JF: Currently 200 families benefit from our device. One of the companies with the best results is the Monserrat clinic, where we have 40 devices installed, which allow us to save 4 liters of water per second. We have a commercial certification by them where the quality of the device is verified.

In the case of the 200 families, these are strata 1, 2 and 3, the effectiveness of the device is reflected in the monthly billing, where water consumption decreases by 35%, representing an economic saving.

REC: Where can I get the device?

JF: Directly with H2O y Vida through social networks and the website   or contact us at 3156767421 or 3132428774

REC: What is a social business model?

We are currently focusing on two sides, a business through which we visit universities, schools, restaurants, hospitals, clinics and sites where there are high percentages of waste water and residential areas where we seek residential managers to reach households in a massive way.

Through voice to voice we managed to reach the 200 households that currently use the device. Our model is social because we generate a considerable environmental impact by reducing water waste, we generate an economic solution by achieving a reduction in billing expenses and we generate employment for people who did not have the opportunity to study.

REC: With what population do you work?

JF: We work with people from strata 1, 2 and 3 who have not had the opportunity to study or obtain a professional degree, we give them the possibility of having a decent job so that they can generate income. Currently we are 6 people.

REC: Is Jonathan dedicated full time to the project or does he develop other activities?

JF: Most of the time I dedicate it to the project, but alternate with other tasks, which help me     to support the expenses of the company. I work as a musician and audiovisual producer.

REC: Has participating in RECON helped you?

JF: We were not winners, but being on the platform has been very helpful, since it gave us publicity so many companies and people know us. Through RECON we had the opportunity to train with the MIT Dalai Lama Center and generate strategic alliances with universities such as El Externado and el Rosario, with whom we hope soon to be part of the national plan to save drinking water.

REC: What do you dream happens with your project?

JF: I dream that we will be able to impact all Colombian households, so that they benefit from this savings system, as well as contributing a grain of sand to reduce the climate impact generated by the waste of drinking water. As an enterprise, I dream of achieving sustainability and that as a country we are recognized worldwide by our national savings plan.

REC: How do you define social entrepreneurship?

JF: For me, social entrepreneurship consists of achieving great change with small actions. REC: What advice would you give to other social entrepreneurs?

JF: I would tell them leave your comfort zone, and see that there are many things to do to contribute to a better world. Being a social entrepreneur is not easy, it requires a lot of patience, because there is a time for everything and you have to know how to live them. And to be grateful to God, to life and above all to the people who contribute to our initiatives.

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