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La primera convocatoria RECON se llevó a cabo en 2015, en la cual se recopilaron 475 videos, con propuestas de iniciativas para la construcción de la paz, de los cuales 413 fueron enviados por participantes de la sociedad civil y 62 por las Personerías Municipales del país, superando las expectativas iniciales. En la categoría infantil participaron 26 propuestas, en jóvenes 107, adultos 154 y en mujeres 86. Los ganadores de las mejores propuestas de paz y reconciliación que participaron en el concurso RECON, en las categorías de la sociedad civil y personerías municipales, fueron premiadas con un capital semilla para su ejecución.

Ganadores de la Convocatoria

Conoce las mejores iniciativas de emprendimiento social que fueron reconocidas por RECON

Noticias Convocatoria

Entérate de información de interés sobre la convocatoria RECON

Otras Convocatorias

Conoce las diferentes versiones de la convocatoria RECON que destaca y reconoce el trabajo de los emprendimientos sociales que están transformando realidades sociales en Colombia


Audiovisual Seed

Proposal sent by Luis Fernando Achocanoy of the municipality of San Carlos in
Antioquia. The initiative consists of the creation of audiovisual production workshops for the children of the municipality with the aim of helping in the transformation of the country through the creation of photography and videos.

Igualdad con ritmo

Project presented by John Henry Pareja of the municipality of Buga in Valle del Cauca,
in which he proposes that, through music and audiovisual proposals they hold activities of awareness to eliminate interfamily violence, raising their voices and not being silent in conflict situations.

Discapacitados con Fé y Amor al deporte –DISFAD

Proposal presented by Fernando Aguirre of the city of Cali in Valle del Cauca, through
which they want the population in a situation of disability to fall in love with sport and
make it a part of their lives. Amongst the people in this sports club are former
combatants, civilian population and demobilized people..

Mujeres por la paz

Initiative presented by Pilar Restrepo of the city of Cali, in Valle del Cauca. Through the transformation and autonomy of women, seeks to achieve social equality through
theatre. The proposal integrates the participation of vulnerable populations such as
people in a situation of displacement, afro communities, indigenous people, minors,
women victims of gender violence and detained women.

Diálogos Itinerantes para la Paz

Proposal from the Personería of Suárez, Cauca, which looks for discussion with civil
society on the peace dialogues, putting the points agreed upon in Havana between the Government and the guerrilla of FARC in a common language.

Encuentro de Talentos para la Paz

From the Personería of Maní, Casanare, it looks to build peace via spaces of training
and cultural participation. Workshops to teach instruments such as bandola, cuatro,
harp and capacha and classes in dance, copla and singing.

Conciliadores de Paz

From Paicol, Huila and through training of students, victims, authorities, civil society
forms leaders who replicate the message of peace and the importance of it to heal the scars left by the conflict and write a new story of reconciliation.

Voces del Silencio en Macondo

Initiative by the Personería of Aractaca, Magdalena which looks to listen to the stories of victims and people displaced from the municipality, using these stories as a tool of
dialogue to achieve reconciliation between victims and victimizers.

Personeritos Municipales

From Personería of Maicao, Guajira, this project looks for empowerment of children in
the municipality schools and the figure of student representatives seeks to involve
minors in the construction of peace.

Semillas de paz

From the Personería Municipal of El Palmar, Santander, it wants to grow peace in the
municipality by teaching values through painting, sport and recreation and ecological
walks to develop activities and interact and see the good in nature.

La Personería Municipal de Tumaco

La Personería Municipal de Tumaco, Nariño plantea la posibilidad de hacer uso de The Personería Municipal of Tumaco, Nariño, proposes the possibility of making use of these cultural patterns in the Pacific coast of Nariño such as currulao, dance, urban
music towards socializing the advances of peace agreements in Havana..

Students representative

In the Personería of Manizales, Caldas, this initiative of inclusion permits for the active
participation in spaces of play, legal promotion of rights of the educational and youth
community, and is strengthening the figure of student representatives in the educational institutions of the city.



Initiative of Gustavo Gutiérrez of Cali, Valle del Cauca, who looks to increase reading in youth of vulnerable sectors as a strategy to provide alternative opportunities to the
violence around us.

Red Comunitaria de Cartas

From the Personería Municipal San Carlos, Antioquia, it looks to work towards the
education of peace related to the environment; training teachers, students and school
leaders in the construction of peace in harmony with the environment and natural


From the Personería Municipal of Jambaló Nariño, their initiative consists of
reconciliation of indigenous communities with the institutions of the State and the
awareness of advances in peace dialogues which are developed in Havana.

Reconcíliate y avanza

From the Personería Municipal of Guatapé, Antioquia, to confront the past and so that victims have a space of participation, it bets on historical memory for the construction of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation.

La Paz es el camino

From Héctor Fabio Ramirez, of Cali, Valle del Cauca, it educates on peace through an
audiovisual proposal.

Diálogos de paz de la niñez

From Personería Municipal of Pereira, Risaralda; a look to peace from a positive point
of view.


A través de convocatorias, RECON identifica iniciativas de emprendimiento social que crean oportunidades y transforman realidades en Colombia, las mejores son reconocidas con capital semilla y procesos de fortalecimiento.

Convocatoria 2015

Primera convocatoria RECON para identificar iniciativas de construcción de paz en Colombia

Convocatoria 2016

Segunda convocatoria RECON para identificar iniciativas de construcción de paz que generan transformaciones sociales

Convocatoria 2017-18

Tercera convocatoria RECON para identificar iniciativas de emprendimiento social que aportan al desarrollo y construcción de p

Convocatoria 2019

Cuarta Convocatoria RECON para identificar emprendimientos sociales que generan transformaciones sociales y aportan al desarrollo económico y social de comunidades vulnerables